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TrustPort eSign Pro 2.0

TrustPort eSign Pro is an ideal lightweight solution for credible and discreet exchange of electronic documents. Its main functions are electronic signing, time stamping, and encryption. Time stamping provides an undisputable verification of the time when the document was signed. Signing and encrypting documents is ...

Shareware  6,932k 574 TrustPort

Easy Signature

Easy signature is a free digital signature software that allows digitally signing any type of file. It is an initiative to make the world greener and make everyday document management easier. It is an excellent tool for intra security document management and digital identification for ...

Freeware  317k 863 Easysoft

E-Lock ProSigner Lite

E-Lock ProSigner Lite is a handy electronic signing( digital signature ) and verification software. It is Easy to install and user friendly. Software is integrated with MS Word, MS Excel and Adobe Acrobat which enables even the novice users to sign the documents using the ...

Shareware  20k 292 E-Lock Technologies


Free ELPI2 is a program for electronic signing of e-mails which encapsulates the files to the S/MIME format or to the compressed ZEP(ZIP) format of the CMS AdES (Advanced Electronic Signatures). The formats like ZEP(ZIP) are defined in standards for elect

Freeware  879k 218 elpi2.szm.com

LockIt v0.07 Beta

The program Lock It is a program for electronic signing of documents which are encapsulated to the XML, PDF, ZIP or MIME formats and which are signed by the CMS/PDF/XML AdES BES/EPES (Advanced Electronic Signatures). The formats like ZEP f are defined in

Freeware  1,608k 204 lockitin.webnode.sk
FastCards - Electronic Greeting Card Membership by Blaiz Enterprises

FastCards - Electronic Greeting Card Membership by Blaiz Enterprises

Finding that special FastCard has never been so simple! 'ALL.ZIP' contains 242 FastCards - Electronic Greeting Cards for the Computer - incorporating all categories Anniversary -) Wedding Packed within graphical EGC Viewer for ultra small download and quick selection Large, high quality thumbnails provide rapid, ...

Shareware  11,716k 1741 Blaiz Enterprises
Electronic Pilot Logbook (U.S.)

Electronic Pilot Logbook (U.S.)

Electronic Pilot Logbook (new!) Developed by pilots for pilots. Commonly sold log software was in our opinion either too expensive or not very user-friendly or customizeable to fit specific requirements. What makes this one special? This log is complete. It contains fields and reports for ...

Shareware  2,130k 1370 e pilotworld
eLog - Electronic Logbook for Pilots

eLog - Electronic Logbook for Pilots

eLog takes into consideration a range of times, including blocktime, in dependance of rank or position of the pilot, as well as night times, and suggests these to be saved. Any time that eLog has calculated can be edited to ensure that always the correct ...

Freeware  8,270k 3890 Jens Gesing
IP Electronic Dice

IP Electronic Dice

IP Electronic Dice is a personal Electronic Dice for windows. Play games using electronic dice. From 1 to 3 dice. From 1 to 20 sided dice. (d1, d2, d3, d4, d5, d6, d7, d8, d9, d10, d11, d12, d13, d14, d15, d16, d17, d18, d19, ...

Shareware  953k 1144 Information Packaging
Electronic Lusoga Dictionary

Electronic Lusoga Dictionary

Electronic Lusoga Dictionary. 14,000 entries, plus MS Word Addon. Main features include: - Fast startup - Fast search - Close to 14,000 entries - Displays all related cross-references (incoming and outgoing) of the current entry - Microsoft Word integration: Instantly see the results of dictionary ...

Shareware  9,034k 606 TshwaneDJe Software and Translation
AMI Electronic Greeting Card Construction Set

AMI Electronic Greeting Card Construction Set

AMI Electronic Greeting Card Construction Set helps you design and create greeting cards for your friends, relatives, co-workers, inlaws, outlaws... your list of potential recipients may vary. The cards it creates are similar to traditional cards with a cover, an inside spread and a back. ...

Shareware  3,826k 1089 Alchemy Mindworks
Electronic Computer Tutor

Electronic Computer Tutor

As professional computer consultants and instructors, we at Coronel Data Processing have discovered that 80-85% of all computer related problems are due to user, the other 15-20% being hardware or software. The user problems can be as simple as not being able to correct a ...

Shareware  3,347k 963 Coronel Data Processing

EIOBoard Electronic In Out Board

EIOBoard is an Electronic In Out Board that allows a company's or organization’s users to view their associate's status information and much more. EIOBoard Electronic In Out Board replaces the old fashioned, magnetic slider in out boards commonly used in organizations where accurate status information ...

Demo  20k 1303 Savance

Electronic Form Report Bundle

The Electronic Form Bundlea„? a Personal Information Manager (PIM) and much more!This program has a usera€“friendly interface that makes it easy to maneuver around and use.There are modules which allows you to track contacts, tasks, and appointments. There are also dozens of forms and letters ...

Shareware    490 Coronel Data Processing, LLC

Transaction Signing in Oracle Forms

I have implemented transaction signing in Oracle application using digital certificates. Created a java bean to access windows default keystore (SunMSCAPI) to get all certificates and populate them in oracle forms application, Signing oracle forms... transaction signing in oracletransaction signing using digital certificatesoracle signing using ...

Freeware  38k 252 qamarsyed.blogspot.com

AEIOU (An Electronic IOU)

AEIOU (An Electronic IOU) is a web application for creating local commodity currencies based on electronic IOU tickets.

Freeware  43k 651 chrisacheson.net

stingray3 Electronic Fuel Injection

Stingray 3 is a high performance engine Sequential Electronic Fuel Injection and Electronic Ignition controller designed specifically for light experimental aircraft and off-road applications. 32 MHz STR730FZ2T7 ARM7TDMIa? 32-Bit Microcontroller (36 MHz MAX)24 External analog to digital inputs (16) 10-bit (8) 12-bit.4 Schmitt trigger TTL ...

Freeware  45k 881 pikeaero.com

Broadcast Signing Engine

Broadcast Signing Engine is a Java-based tool for digitally signing DTV applications as specified in the Multimedia Home Platform (MHP) specification. BSE also has certificate management features.

Freeware  1,243k 342 bse.sourceforge.net
Electronic Story Collection

Electronic Story Collection

Dennis Hickey has assembled a collection of amusing and inspirational stories and poems, gleaned from his e-mail correspondence with friends, relatives and even strangers. You don't need a modem; just open the pages to log on! You will laugh, cry, be surprised but you will ...

Shareware  5,649k 1966 E dition
ChequeSystem Electronic Cheque Writer

ChequeSystem Electronic Cheque Writer

More than a cheque writer, ChequeSystem provides a complete cheque printing and management solution. You are no need to write any, just print and sign it. ChequeSystem provides comprehensive chequebook management. All issued cheques are kept in records. You can review all the issued cheque ...

Shareware  22,367k 3789 Evinco Solutions Limited
Electronic Repair RAR

Electronic Repair RAR

eRepair RAR was created to help users to solve the rar recovery issues and always have control of their archived data. It recovers information from damaged rar files and minimizes data loss during the rar recovery process, therefore the user sees as much as possible ...

Shareware  1,587k 2943 Recovery Toolbox Inc
Electronic Survey Program

Electronic Survey Program

ESP is an easy-to-use survey creation, administration, and compilation program. Through the simple and versatile management interface, you can create surveys with open-ended responses, multiple choices, multiple responses, branching questions (change depending on users answers), and much more. Surveys can be taken on a network, ...

Shareware  2,500k 864 gepetosoftware com
Electronic Constitution

Electronic Constitution

In this program you will find The U.S. Constitution, a glossary of political terms, a brief constitutional history, a quiz to challenge your Constitutional knowledge, patriotc songs with both music and words, list of state capitals, and much more! All of us at Coronel Data ...

Shareware  3,416k 1052 Coronel Data Processing
Electronic Excel Tutor

Electronic Excel Tutor

An interactive computer program that will have you up and running with Excel in six to ten hours. (Demo version)The one program which is currently in high demand on the job market and seems to be the one most people want to learn is Microsoft ...

Demo  12,025k 791 Coronel Data Processing

Electronic Word 2007 Tutor

An interactive computer program that will have you up and running with Word 2007 in six to ten hours.(Demo version) One computer program which is currently in high demand in the job market and in education is Microsoft Word. Word is a word processing program ...

Demo  10k 562 Coronel Data Processing, LLC

Electronic Excel 2007 Tutor

An interactive computer program that will have you up and running with Excel 2007 in six to ten hours.(Demo version)The one program which is currently in high demand on the job market and seems to be the one most people want to learn is Microsoft ...

Demo  10k 446 Coronel Data Processing, LLC

Electronic Recipe Manager

ERM is one of the most user-friendly recipe management programs on the web. It includes over 300 recipes, the ability to add new recipes, one click recipe transfer from recipe websites and emails, advanced search engine, "cabinets" to keep track of on hand items (used ...

Freeware    609 lazydogsoftware.com

Puppy Love Electronic Scrapbook

With PLES, you can save basic info and a note for the pictures in the designated folder.

Freeware  521k 828 greatdaydan.com

XEM - eXtensible Electronic Mail

XEM is: 1) A specification of a pre-formating syntax for XML. 2) A library of tools for create, collect and manage free information via maillists, to create and transform XML contents.

Freeware  206k 420 xem.sourceforge.net

Virtual Electronic Web Keyboard (piano)

This is a project of a virtual piano on the web. This project only use JavaScript and Html, is a easy run on all operating system whit donA?t require a server.

Freeware  2k 375 webpiano.sourceforge.net
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